About Workbook Cornwall

Less about us. More about you: Cornwall’s freelance and micro business community.

Workbook Cornwall is a website where people can find freelancers and micro businesses to hire for one-off tasks or contracts. Why? Because right under your nose in Cornwall there are many incredible talented specialists who work for themselves. Using standard searches you may well not find them or even know they exist.

These people are proud of they do and often offer exceptional value for money. By hiring them you are avoiding middle-men and the costs associated with larger staff-heavy businesses with expensive shops, warehouses and offices to pay for (included in your bill). You are also helping the Cornish economy. The experts listed on this site are not working to pay shareholders upcountry or abroad. By choosing small business specialists/professionals you are helping keep you own money flowing within Cornwall.

For those listing on this site we offer not only a way to advertise to potential customers. We are making you and people like you visible to each other. If you are a fashion designer in Looe you can find a photographer in Liskeard. If you are a planning consultant in Penzance you can find a roofer in Hayle. And so on. We know that freelancers often want to form partnerships and collaborate with other specialists. Workbook Cornwall is here to help.

Paying members will not only get enhanced listings and images. We will also send out alerts to you when jobs and contracts come up that fit your profile. And we can help recommend other specialists to you.

Get listed today for free. As a special introductory offer, we are offering free listings to the first 200 businesses.

Workbook Cornwall is run by The Workbox, Cornwall’s leading workhub– a club workspace for micro businesses in the Penzance area. If you are in our area why not come and see how we can help you? If not and you think a Workbox would be a good idea near you, let us know. We want to set up more. www.theworkbox.com.

In the meantime, happy hiring and happy freelancing!

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