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Hello, my name is Brendan and I created Bumble Bee Accountancy as a fresh, new accountancy service based in Cornwall but covering the whole UK.

We offer a professional, friendly service at very affordable prices.

Most accountancy practices still operate in the traditional way. They are formal, serious and, in short, boring and intimidating.

At Bumble Bee Accountancy we are different. We are friendly and approachable.

Do not think of us as bean counters. Think of us as your business partners.

Bumble Bee Accountancy is a member of the Institute of Chartered Accountants of England and Wales Practice Assurance Scheme – so you can be assured of the highest quality taxation and accountancy advice.

I look forward to working with you so give me a call today on 07775 091731.

Brendan Thomas BSc ACA

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Brendan's freelance is based near Cornwall, Cornwall