Claire Stevens

Porth Sound | Project Manager | Sound Mixer & Design

Claire's bio

Claire Stevens is an independent filmmaker, with freelance work across Documentary, Corporate, Music Video, E-Learning, Short and Feature film work. Claire collaborates with sound recordist James Chatwin; together they form Porth Sound, providing audio services from production through to the final mix. Specialising in Sound, Claire edits and mixes for a variety of clients, working both digitally for international clients and in face-to-face final mixes. Claire has worked with a variety of people and companies, from Tony Robinson on two historical documentaries, to Rosewood Creative and their client Apple Music, to S2S Media on a variety of E-learning, Corporate and Music video projects, to Beagle on Corporate and Charity sound mixes and with a host of south-west based productions, freelancers and creative companies. Claire is passionate about all things filmmaking, never leaves a project until it is completed and is always open to new roles and upcoming creative projects.
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