Clinical Sports Massage IPTI

Eliza Bindle Jones

Eliza Bindle's bio

My body work knowledge has grown from a career in circus and a keen interest in therapies in the countries I have travelled in. My training has been from the mountains of Thailand to the back streets of China which led me to complete a uk degree level distinction in CLINICAL SPORTS MASSAGE  IPTI with the wonderful Sue Read

My Clinical Sports Massage is fluidly combined with thai massage stretches, acupressure points and deep myofascial release to create a ‘Total Body Balance’ treatment . Only Organic natural oils are used and optional kinesiology taping is applied when necessary.

Posture assessment and body mechanics are a part of every treatment through testing, release and rebalance of muscles groups however a massage work with what you need as an individual and may treat many common injuries such as plantar fasciitis, R.S.I. Tennis elbow , many types of back & neck pain or it may be a deeply relaxing experience

A 15 min initial consultation is included

Clinical Sports massage deep tissue massage acupressure myofascial lymphatic drainage