Graham Bobin

Speed Sail UK

Graham's bio

I run a blow karting and kite business in West Cornwall. Speedsail UK offers beach-powered adrenalin as often as possible, with a choice of sports and activities to give everyone a buzz.

Through knowledge and experience we make the most of tide, wind and surf to maximise the action and, by being mobile and flexible, we always react to what you want. We also know what we’re doing. For nearly 20 years Speedsail UK has been running sail and power boat courses, manufacturing sail sport equipment, directing safety and managing at major, national water and wind sport events.

And let’s keep it safe!  Speedsail UK actively promotes safety in all the sports and is deeply involved in all the developing national safe practices. Our fully qualified and accredited instructors for land sailing and power boating, teach in small, manageable groups and provide safety training and all the right equipment.