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Should you contact The Guitar Doctor, I will always first discuss your requirements and complete a diagnosis of your instrument. I will then prepare a quote for you… and you are under no obligation to use me… I hope my high quality work and competitive rates will speak for themselves.

My philosophy is that every instrument is different, as indeed is every player and the repair man must factor all of this into every job. Instruments can be set to your own spec, the recommended factory spec or whatever is required at that specific time, seasons change and so does the wood. Sometimes, a re-setup is required and this is carried out free of charge if within 6 weeks of the initial setup.

The size of jobs range from a simple clean up and re-string to a complete neck re-set, restoration, re-fret and re-finish. To use a cliché, no job is too small. Parts are sourced nationally and internationally, replacement or upgrade – all available.

Tools and methods used are conventional and sometimes cutting edge – using only the latest, high quality tools and equipment. My workshop contains mainly Stewart Macdonald (Stewmac) tools, jigs etc, one, the ‘Jack Installation Tool’ I invented, they now sell these and mentioned me on their website and catalogue, pretty chuffed about that!


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Julyan's freelance is based near Penzance, Cornwall